Apr 16

ExtJS Grid Search

ExtJS as stated on their site is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building internet applications. Most of the examples on their site deals with static data, and if you ask their experts on how to accomplish the same with mysql or any other database, they’ll probably tell you it is the same and just look it up in their api and figure it out.
Well, that’s just not good enough, so after countless hours of google searches trying to find the solution (which most of the time only involves a few lines of code), I’ve come of up with some simple steps that might help get your extjs grid search going so and I’ll share these with you.
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Apr 14

VPN Client Setup on Ubuntu Laptop

Working from home is great, and sometimes you do need to have access to resources at your office (i.e. the mysql server you’re responsible for, the web server or for whatever other reason). I’ve had some trouble in the past trying to find the best way to set up a vpn client on my laptop (running ubuntu karmic at the moment), and I’ve always forgot how I’ve gotten it to work, so I figure post it here and hopefully this will help you as well.
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Apr 12

How to install 32bit groupwise client on 64bit ubuntu

After searching the web for a way to go about this, I’ve found this article, this and this one. Now you ask me, why another tutorial on this, since there are at least 3 different ones already out there. Well, since I couldn’t get it to work using only one of them, I figure there are probably other folks in the same boat as me, so I figured, might as well post my findings here. Here’s how:
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