May 20

How to install pianobar on Ubuntu

In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to install pianobar on ubuntu. Pianobar is a free/open-source, command line client for pandora. With pianobar you can:

- play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, …) your stations
- rate played songs and let pandora explain why they have been selected
- show upcoming songs/song history
- configure keybindings
- scrobbling support (external application)
- proxy support for listeners outside the USA

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May 19

Change ExtJs EditorGridPanel row color after edit

By adding an afteredit listener to your editor grid you’ll be able to change the row color on the fly, right after
the cell has been changed so users will be able to tell which records have been changed. I’ve added this instead of the little red tickbox since it is easier for the user to see and it just looks better.
Just in case this would conflict with the little red icon, I also went ahead and removed it with my custom.css file (shown below).

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May 17

Open iReport jrxml from ExtJs as pdf

In this post I’ll show you how to create a report using iReport, uploading to your jasperserver running on tomcat and accessing the report from an ExtJS grid. In addition to Apache, MySql and ExtJS libraries (I’m assuming you already have those installed) you will need to get the following installed:

1. iReport (on your laptop/workstation)
2. tomcat (on your server)
3. jasperserver (on your server)

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Apr 11

Extjs Cascading (Dependent) Combo Boxes

This tutorial was written after one of my readers requested help with creating a dependent dropdown menu for continents, countries and states. I hope this helps everyone out there, who like myself, have struggled with this in the past.

First you’ll need to create the connect.php file, explained here.

Next create the 3 mysql/php/json files used for:
1. gathering data from mysql,
2. storing the data into a json array for each of the combo boxes you’ll be using (Continent, Country and State).

(Please adjust the paths to connect.php (mentioned above) and all other files used in this example
accordingly and create the required tables in mysql as needed)

Start by creating the continentQ.php file, to gather the continent data:
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