indiePub Games (Capsized, Pictago, Hungry Gows)

I know my site doesn’t have any advertisements and I like to keep it that way, so my users aren’t distracted by annoying ads that might not interest them anyway. With that being said, I created this post to advertise 3 games the company I used to work for, indiePub, has developed, and hopefully I can get my users, you, to download these games and support them. 2 of these games are free and won’t cost you anything, and the other is a paid game. All 3 games are worth your time and I really appreciate it if you could at least download the free ones.

The first game is called Hungry Gows, currently only available for iOS devices, this game is a free download and can be downloaded here . Here’s a brief summary of the game and its trailler:

Hungry Gows

Detach and destroy all the Hungry Gows in this 2D physics-based puzzle game featuring adorable aliens hell-bent on devouring the cities of Loomville, Mootown and Acecity.

Use well-timed taps to create cascading carnage and clear each level using the least number of moves possible. Drop Gows on moving wheels of spikey death, smash them into walls or even bash them into each other for cartoony fun and destruction.

Each type of Gow interacts with the environment in a unique way, allowing multiple solutions to all 60 puzzles. Get into a Gow smashing groove and you can unlock all 25 Achievements.

You can also use your pictures or photos to create customized Gows using the Hungry Gows Facemaker feature.

The next game is called Capsized+, also only available for iOS devices and PC, this game will cost you some, currently priced at $2.99, but make sure to check the apple store and Steam for any price updates and special promotions. iOS downloads are available here. Here’s a brief description and trailler:


Feverishly blast through a hostile planet packed with blood-sucking aliens in CAPSIZED+, an action-packed survival shooter.

You are a marooned space traveler whose ship has crash landed on a mysterious alien planet and must navigate through beautiful but perilous environments while fighting bloodthirsty creatures to save your crewmates and escape with your lives.

Use a grappling hook, jet pack, high-tech weapons and awesome powerups – create friggin’ black holes! – to fight through non-linear levels set in explorable, hostile environments.


- Campaign Mode: Test your mettle in thirteen levels with lush and varied terrains.
- Three Arcade Modes: Fight endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode, grab oxygen to survive Last Gasp Challenges or test your survival skills in the weapons-free Armless Mode.
- GameCenter Achievements: Prove your intergalactic survival skills by earning all twelve achievements.
- Lush Environments – Enjoy strange and amazing landscapes illustrated in a unique, hand-drawn style. Check out the screen shots.
- Intense Gameplay – Test your constitution with more than twenty hours of heart-throbbing, thumb-busting action.

And last but not least on our list is Pictago, available for free on both iOS and Android.


Pictago is a do it yourself puzzle, hidden item, picture game where you can set up scenes, snap what you see or use any image already in your iOS/Android device’s Photo Gallery and then turn them into hidden object games using Pictago’s simple touch-and-drag tools. Pictago can be download for iOS here and Android here.

Pictago’s possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Pictago’s features include:

The ability to use any image in your Photo Gallery, take new photos from within the Pictago app or import your Facebook photos and turn them into games.
The ability to share your games with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and email.
A simple and familiar touch-and-drag tagging mechanic.
Two game modes: List Mode where friends search for tagged items in any order and Single Item Mode where friends try to find hidden items in a specific order, one at a time.
A Hints system to help to find those especially well-hidden objects.
A Tag Back feature to quickly re-tag a game and send it back to your Friend.
A Leaderboard for each game.
A World Feed where you can play the best games created by Pictago users from around the world.

And this concludes my intro to indiePub games. Please download them and let your friends know, and their friends know and the friends of their friends know and so on. Thank you for stopping by and please share with others, after all, code should be free and please support independent game developers by downloading thier | because code should be free

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