Apr 04

HowTo Fix Samsung LED HDTV Showing Wrong External Drive Contents

So, I have a 1TB external usb drive, which I use to store pictures videos and the like so I can view them on my tv. All was well until one day, I removed some folders, added others and my tv still showed them there, although they were obviously gone. I even tried formatting the drive and even after that, all files and folders were still being displayed by the tv, but couldn’t be open, since I had just obviously formatted the drive and there should nothing displayed.
So how to fix this? It appears this is some glitch in the Samsung TV, that’s not too difficult to fix. Here’s what you do:

1. Go to the tv menu and switch to photo mode. Your tv will start the loading icon.
2. Go to the movie mode, the tv will do the loading icon thing again.

That’s it, these steps should make the tv refresh its cache or wherever the old information was stored and you should now see the correct contents from your external usb drive.

Hope this helps.