Dec 28

How To Monitor PHP-FPM and Nginx With Zabbix

This is another quick tutorial, this time I’ll show you how to configure your server to allow zabbix to monitor Nginx and PHP-FPM. This tutorial assumes you’ve already installed zabbix on your monitoring server and also the server to be monitored. For simplicity sake, let’s call your zabbix server (the one doing the monitoring) zabbix_mon and let’s call the server you would like to monitor, server1. Zabbix is an open source monitoring solution available here, Nginx is an httpd and reverse proxy server, found here and php-fpm is an alternative PHP FastCGI found here.
Ok, with that out of the way, let set this up.
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Dec 17

JSON Array Single MySQL Insert and Update

This is another quick one. I wanted to insert a JSON array into MySQL with a single insert and, on duplicate key update. This is how you get it done:

Say you have a JSON array like this:


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Dec 13

Distributed JMeter Testing Via SSH

JMeter is an open source application written in Java, developed by the folks from The Apache Software Foundation, which allows one to perform load tests against their webservers.
JMeter allows you to run tests from you workstation against your servers, but you can also setup virtual test servers that would allow you to run a heavier load.
If you run JMeter from your machine, you’ll probably end up consuming tons of cpu and memory, depending on how large your tests are, so, to avoid that, you can seetup your workstation as a JMeter MASTER and any number of virtual machines as JMeter SLAVES, which you will be able to control from your workstation. This setup is called Distributed JMeter Testing and that is what I’ll walk you through in this tutorial.

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Jul 23

How To Setup Linux High Availability

To continue from where I’ve left off on my previous post, this time we’ll setup heartbeat to monitor both of our load balancers, thus allowing us to have what one may call high availability/ failover, between both our load balancers. This method can be used on any server you wish, you can for example have Heartbeat monitor mysql, apache or any other server. In this example, we’ll set up Heartbeat to monitor our crossroads load balancer.

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Jul 08

How To Setup A Load Balancer

I’ve finally gotten to writting a new tutorial after a while without posting any new content. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I have re-designed the site, so hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it even more. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to setup a load balancer running on linux, with CentOS as the operating system of choice for this tutorial.
A load balancer distributes requests for services accross multiple servers, and in this tutorial I’ll be walking you through setting up crossroads load balancer.

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