Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some of the stuff on my site useful. I wanted a place where I could keep instructions, howto’s and steps I’ve used in the past and helped me get things done. So I figured, if someday I need them again, I didn’t have to google everything all over, or have tons of different sites bookmarked and then sort through them all and retrace my steps. Also, since these things were helpful to me, they might also help others that have come across the same issues I have, so I put this site together.

What’s FOSCODE you may ask? Well, as stated on wikipedia, it stands for free and open source. Why FOSCODE? Because all code should be free, where everyone is licensed to grant the right of users to use, study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code.

FOSCODE is as free as the first amendment, where you are free to change and do anything with the code as long as it is permitted by its license, which in this case, it makes the source code available under terms that allow for modification and redistribution without having to pay the original author. Such licenses may have additional restrictions such as a requirement to preserve the name of the authors and the copyright statement within the code.

This site will mostly have code, scripts and howto’s I’ve used or/and also had modified at some point in time to make it work. I’ll also post about anything else related to open source software, in particular Linux. I might also post about things that have nothing to do with coding, but that somehow still fall within the open source realm.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the site and if you do find it useful please share with others, after all, code should be free. You can also follow me on twitter #foscode.